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About the Course

Why would any company expend hundreds of thousands of dollars to seek, recruit, and hire the best employees then leave their development and performance to lucky chance through ineffective leadership and management practices? Unfortunately, that chance occurs every time an employee is promoted to a leadership, supervisory or management position without training in the techniques and practices of effective leadership and management. Managers and supervisors, regardless of technical expertise, can make an error setting off an uncontrolled and disastrous chain reaction unless he/she has command of principles and practices leading to employee effectiveness, productivity, and teamwork. The first-line and mid-level supervisor has more direct effect on employees and the productivity of a work group than any other single entity in the organization.

This course increases the confidence and productivity of leaders, supervisors and managers who may be scientific or technical specialists, but have minimal training in the science and art of leading others. Skills in human relations, communication, motivation, and leadership are essential tools for the supervisor and manager. This course provides techniques enabling leaders to efficiently use one of the greatest resources a company has, its people. This highly interactive learning program will assist you in expanding your options for leading others. You will explore different concepts of management and leadership and how to apply your new skills in real world applications.

"Day 2 activities (situational management) was GREAT!" - Integrated Operations Planner

"Liked Performance Assessment the most." - Researcher, United States

Target Audience

Anyone responsible for leading others in the daily performance of a work, including soon to be leaders, front-line leaders, new and experienced supervisors and managers, team leaders, coaches, and mentors.

You Will Learn

Participants will learn how to:

  • Apply concepts of leadership and management to real work situations
  • Coach and supervise a diverse and dispersed workforce
  • Set appropriate goals and manage performance and change to ensure these goals are reached
  • Empower your workforce to exceed expectations
  • Develop effective communication skills

Course Content

  • The role and function of the leader, supervisor, and manager
  • Understanding and applying essential behavioral management concepts
  • Understanding and increasing employee motivation
  • Understanding and applying leadership concepts
  • Effectively supervising a diverse workforce
  • Basic skills in interpersonal communications
  • Performance management
  • Coaching
  • Working with difficult employees
  • Goal setting
  • Empowering subordinates
  • Creating positive and functional thinking about work
  • Making ongoing change for growth and improvement
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Developing personal plans to improve team effectiveness

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