Perry Lovelace

MR. PERRY LOVELACE, CMRP, is a Senior Instructor/Consultant for Pathfinder Learning Solutions LLC. He specializes in Maintenance Management and Competency-based Training Programs and has over 35 years' experience in industrial training and consulting. After graduate studies, he worked for a large consulting mechanical/electrical engineering firm applying rigorous systems analysis to industrial facility design and construction. He has dedicated his career to providing high quality learning experiences, keeping in tune with the changing economic and technological environment, especially as applied to long-term facilities and equipment management. He has assisted many organizations through on-site consultation and training. Clients include petroleum, industrial and utility organizations of different types and sizes in the United States, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Nigeria, Angola, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Trinidad/Tobago, UK, Romania, Austria and Mexico. An engaging and popular speaker/facilitator, Mr. Lovelace continually receives high marks from participants. A CMRP member of the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals, Mr. Lovelace holds a BS in Science Education and an MS in Botany from the University of Oklahoma, with pre-doctoral studies in Plant Ecology at the University of California. In March 2016, Mr. Lovelace was inducted into the University of Oklahoma, College of Education Hall of Fame for his 50 years of innovative education and outstanding teaching.